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Commercial Disinfection




Advanced infection prevention & control for your personnel, customers, and reputation. Professional proactive defense for critical environments.

Have a confirmed COVID-19 exposure?

365Sanitize is available 24/7 for SAME-DAY-SERVICE to deep-disinfect, top-to-bottom, enabling operations to resume as soon as possible.

Reopening your business?

Enhance existing cleaning and sanitizing regimens with 365Sanitize's hospital-grade disinfection that ELIMINATES 99.999% of harmful and highly-resistant bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.


Include recurring high-level disinfection treatments from 365Sanitize to achieve your biosecurity and infection control objectives with confidence.

Not sure you are doing enough?

ASSESS infection threats with 365Sanitize to customize the most effective disinfection approach for your unique space and biosecurity goals. We are QUALIFIED in the latest disinfection methods and technologies and CERTIFIED in COVID-safety, infection prevention & control and risk mitigation.

EPA-approved for use against SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19.

Compliant with CDC guidelines.

Office Disinfection

Share ideas,

not germs.

Increase productivity, promote well-being and improve your bottom-line with proactive germ-elimination that is 99.999% against germs.

Avoid business disruptions with 365Sanitize’s environmental disinfection solutions built for your biosecurity goals.

Demonstrate to your personnel and clients that you are dedicated to their safety and well-being.

School Disinfection

Commercial Disinfection:

The future is already here!

Building bright communities tomorrow, means securing the good health of our youngest members today.


365Sanitize partners in the success of your care center, ensuring harmful microbes that can cause disease are eliminated.

Child Care Disinfection


Be the new standard with 365Sanitize.

Control and prevent disease.

Avoid an infection flare-up in your facility and keep your practice and patients healthy with our clinical and non-clinical disinfection services. 

Combat invisible enemies and win.

Eliminate harmful germs and bacteria from even the hardest-to-reach areas in your space.

Passionate about good health? 

Your facility has a mixture of equipment and surfaces that cover a large, multi-functional space.

Champion the war with unseen germs and viruses lurking in the most hard-to-reach areas with 365Sanitize.

Gym Disinfection

Proper protection for every one

is good business.

Pet-Friendly Disinfection Pet Care

Prevent the spread of infection from animals to surfaces to other animals and people.

365Sanitize brings innovative decontamination that is safe for the animals in your care.


Our solutions are powerful against the strongest viruses, can be used on a variety of surfaces and are gentle on animals.

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