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The 365Sanitize Team is QUALIFIED in the use of the latest decontamination methods, equipment and solutions ensuring the safest yet strongest allowable antimicrobials are used in your space.

We know to choose the right virucides, dilution ratios and dwell and dry times required to deactivate and eliminate 99.999% of highly-resistant bacteria and viruses in your space. 365Sanitize only uses non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, earth-sustainable and pet-friendly surfactants that are registered with and approved by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2 and other harmful agents.


Whether no-touch, non-humid or hyper-sensitive disinfection is required, 365Sanitize has the right equipment to best-mitigate the spread of disease in your space.  We use a range of hospital-grade UVC ROBOTs, electrostatic fine-misters and sprayers and other specialized applicators for safer and more effective, high-level sanitization and disinfection of your space.

365Sanitize is CERTIFIED in COVID-19 Safety and Awareness, Infection Prevention and Control and Risk Management


We understand the health, safety and business risks related to illness and support your efforts to mitigate infection spread in your space. 365Sanitize helps identify and evaluate potential threats and risks of contagion throughout your premises to determine the most effective mitigation strategy. 

Navigating the changing COVID-related requirements is critical to reopening and staying open. The 365Sanitize Team can help identify Cal/OSHA requirements and State guidance relevant to your organization and support related compliance efforts.

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