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Home Disinfection

A healthy home is 

a happy home.

We don't just minimize germs,

We kill germs.

Your home has a variety of surfaces and edges where bacteria, fungi and viruses multiply, contributing to odors, discoloration, mildew, and disease.

365Sanitize assesses the infection risk in your space to apply the most effective disinfection strategy. We use the most advanced techniques to combat the toughest pathogens with care for people, animals and our planet.

EPA-approved for use against SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19.

Compliant with CDC guidelines.

Home Disinfection

Welcome family and friends,

Keep out sickness.

Create multi-layered protection for your home with complete disinfection coverage to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

365Sanitize provides powerful decontamination to protect all of your family without exposure to harsh toxins.

Our furry friends are family too!

The connection between people and animals is undeniable.

The connection between their good health cannot be denied, either.

Ask about 365Sanitize’s pet-friendly disinfection options.

Pet-Friendly Disinfection

Defeat today's invisible enemies with tomorrow's technology.

365Sanitize brings the latest equipment and solutions to actively mitigate bacteria and viruses.

Car Disinfection

Bugs, bacteria, viruses and fungi love our cars too!

Safeguard all of your family’s moving parts with 365Sanitize’s illness and microbial control vehicle treatments that provide long-term protection for up to 3 months!

Car Auto Disinfection
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